You only need a few materials in amigurumi to get started. When I started, I only had two hooks, a couple of yarns, and a half kilo of polyfiber fill. Now, I have a whole set of hooks from 0.8mm to 10mm, 2 adorable artsy scissors, a drawer full of yarns, doubled the polyfiber fill and a hook case. I got 8 pieces of the fine hooks as a Christmas gift from my husband along with a Japanese-inspired silk hook case. And then, the 12 Aluminum Crochet Hooks sizes 2.0mm to 10mm are the ones I bought for myself just because I wanted to have bigger hook sizes for some home DIY projects.

So here is the list of tools you will need to get started.

    • Yarns

      • Most patterns will just need the medium-weight worsted acrylic yarn. It’s inexpensive and easy to use. I usually use acrylic yarn if I want to make my 4 to 8 inches toys. However, I enjoy making the tiny ones that can be used as a key-chain more. So for these types of projects, I use cotton so that the result will be more compact plus the shine of the material just makes the toy look more appropriate for decorative purposes.
    • Hooks

      • Choosing the right hook for the yarn you are using is very important. The appropriate hook size for the yarn is usually written in its package. You can approximate how big or small your finished product is going to be by knowing the hook size needed for the project. Also, if you’re the type who crochet loosely, then it’s better to choose a smaller hook than what’s advised since it’s very important for amigurumis to be crochet tight so that the filling will not get out.


    • Hook Case

      • This is not important for now if you’re just starting and you only have 2 hooks. But it is very handy to keep your hooks organized once you have a lot of different sizes of them.


    • Polyfiber Fill

      • This is of course needed to pump up your toy. You can put less if you want it soft. But for me, I usually put a lot since I’m into making tiny amigurumis like 2 inches high, I need it to be as stiff as it can be so it can hold its shape.


    • Tapestry Needle

      • This is a blunt needle that has a big eye and is usually used in doing cross stitch. This is used to sew the body parts of the amigurumi and to weave in the ends of your amigurumi parts. It is also very useful in adding some details to embroider the eyes, nose, cheeks, decorations in the garments, etc of your work.


    • Ballpoint Pins

      • This is very useful when you’re sewing the amigurumi parts in place. If you’ve already tried doing amigurumi, you might find that sewing the parts together is the hardest (such as myself) since this is the time that you have to make sure that the parts are proportionate to each other. Don’t use the silk pins because they will just get lost in your work. You don’t want any pins hiding inside your amigurumi, do you?


    • Scissors

      • I have two tiny, sharp scissors that I carry with me all the time when I’m doing my amigurumi. Having it tiny is very handy since I do my amigurumi almost anywhere… in the car, at work, in the garden, in the kitchen… I just bring my bag of treats and off I go. 🙂


    • Stitch counter 

      • I actually don’t use this. I’m just using the start tip of my yarn to make a mark of where my starting point is. Then, I just move it every time I know that I’m going to make a complicated row. As for beginners though, I do recommend this since looking at the stitches at first is really confusing. Plus, it will just hurt your eyes to keep counting again and again the stitches if you’re not going to use the stitch counter. Another thing, they’re also soooo cute! I will buy some for myself one day.
    • Safety eyes

There are a lot of varieties either made up of glass or plastic. There is the slit pupil design in different colors that’s usually use for cats. The glass eyes or colored eyes with black irises are usually used for dolls. As for me, I usually just use the solid black. But if you’re planning to make your amigurumi for toddlers, it’s better to just crochet or embroider the eyes. And when I was starting, I did not have any of these eyes (I did not know where to buy them) so I just crochet them. I just make a magic ring with 6 single crochet for each eye and then sew it on the amigurumi doll.