How I Decided to Make a Koala Crochet Pattern


I finally had the courage to make and post my own pattern. At first, I was attempting to recreate the keychain crochet frog I made before. I was able to buy a kit for the keychain but the crochet pattern along with it…. Well, let’s just say it didn’t turn out as nice as the picture had shown so I had to make my own. Sorry for the photo, I can’t capture a better photo anymore since I already gave these guys to some special people.

Looking at it, it seems fairly easy to make so I thought it would be a breeze to recreate it but no, it wasn’t. It turned out to be looking more like a teddy bear except I made it to be a koala toy instead. Bears are kind of common. I wanted to make my first pattern a bit unique so I chose a koala amigurumi. Plus, koalas are just sooo cute!

But of course, if you already have experience in making amigurumis, I’m sure you can make it into any animal (or maybe only just the mammal species) you like. You just need to change the ears and voila! Your own stuff toy.

This simple koala crochet pattern is easy to follow. Advanced beginners will have no problem making this tiny one. As for ‘really’ beginners, don’t worry because I will create one, one of these days, a simple pattern for you guys.

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Koala Crochet Pattern

Finished Size: Koala amigurumi is approximately 3 inches tall

Materials needed:

*You can change the colors according to your liking. Stuff as firmly as you can unless otherwise specified. Work in continuous rounds. Please follow the kind of yarn especially for the milk bottle so that it will come out as small as in the picture.


St – stitch
Sl – slip stitch
SC – single crochet
Ch – chain
MR – magic ring
DEC – decreasing stitch (SC on two stitches together)
INC – increasing stitch (make two SC on one stitch)
HDC – half double crochet
DC – double crochet


HEAD (blue)

R1 : Chain 4, SC on second chain from hook, working only on one side of the chain, SC 2 on the next two chains; working on the other side, SC 2 on first and second ch, INC on last ch (7)
R2 : INC in each stitch around (14)
R3 : (SC 1, INC) repeat 7 times. (21)
R4 : (SC 2, INC) repeat 7 times. (28)
R5 : (SC 3, INC) repeat 7 times. (35)
R6-11 : SC in each stitch around (35)
R12 : (SC 3, DEC) repeat 7 times. (28)
R13 : (SC 2, DEC) repeat 7 times. (21)
R14 : (SC 1, DEC) repeat 7 times. (14) – Stuff firmly
R15 : DEC repeat 7 times. (7)

*sl st, fasten off.

BODY (blue)

R1 : MR, ch 1, SC 6 (6)
R2 : INC in each st around (12)
R3 : (SC 2, INC) repeat 4 times. (16)
R4 : (SC 3, INC) repeat 4 times. (20)
R5-10 : SC in each stitch around (20)
R11 : (SC 3, DEC) repeat 4 times. (16)
R12 : (SC 2, DEC) repeat 4 times. (12) – Stuff firmly
R13 : DEC 5x, SC in the next two st. (7)

*sl st, fasten off, leave long end for sewing. Sew the head to the body. Add another stitch or two from in between the last and second to the last row of the head (front part) to the body to tack the head down.

ARMS (blue, make two)

R1 : MR, ch 1, SC 4 (4)
R2 : INC in each st around (8)
R3-7 : SC in each stitch around (8)

*sl st, fasten off, leave long end for sewing. Placed on the sides of the body facing forward, in line with the first row of the head (as shown in the picture. Sew the half part of the arm, put stuffing (stuff just enough that it can be positioned forward as if holding the milk bottle) inside, and then finish sewing.


FEET (make two)*starting with light blue

R1 : MR, ch 1, SC 6 (6)
R2 : INC in each st around (12) * change yarn to blue
R3-5 : SC in each st around (12)
R6 : (SC 2, DEC) repeat 3 times. (9)

*sl st, fasten off, leave long end for sewing. Position it about 3 rows down from the beginning row of the body (as shown in the photo) in-lined with the arms. Sew half part before stuffing firmly, then finish sewing.

OUTER EARS (blue, make two)

R1 : MR, ch 1, SC 6 (6)
R2 : INC in each st around (12)
R3 : (SC 3, INC) repeat 3 times. (15)
R4 : (SC 4, INC) repeat 3 times. (18)
R5 : (SC 5, INC) repeat 3 times. (21)
R6-7 : SC in each st around. (21)
R8 : (SC 1, DEC) repeat 7 times. (14)

*sl st, fasten off, leave long end for sewing. Fold it in half. Sew the inner ear on to it first (sew it only on the half part of the outer ear) before sewing the whole ear to the side of the head.

INNER EAR (light blue, make 2)

R1 : Chain 2, 5 SC on second chain from hook (5)
R2 : turn, ch 1, INC, SC 1, INC, SC 1, INC. (8)
R3 : turn, ch 1, (SC 1, INC) repeat 3 times, SC 2. (11)

*fasten off. Sew on to the outer ear.

INNER BODY (light blue)

R1 : MR, ch 1, SC 5 (5)
R2 : INC in each st around (10)
R3 : SC 2, INC, INC, INC, SC1, INC, INC, INC, SC 1. (16)
R4 : HDC 1, 3 DC in the next stitch, HDC 1, SC 1, sl. (6)

*sl, fasten off, leave long end for sewing. It should be sewn on the body with the last stitch of the round on top as shown in the photo below.

USING 1.25mm HOOK (crochet thread)

EYES (black crochet thread)
  • embroider the eyes in the middle of the head (with the inside corner starting from the middle of row 8 and 9 and ending in between rows 9 and 10).
NOSE (black crochet thread)
  • embroider the nose in a slightly curved, triangular shape starting from a row below the inner corner of the eyes to two rows down.
  • NIPPLE – Using yellow crochet thread

R1 : MR 6 (6)
R2 : SC on each st (6)
*Make two big knots using the tail from the MR and put it inside the nipple to give it shape
R3 : SC 1, DEC, SC 1, DEC (4)
R4 : INC on each st (8)
R5 : INC on each st (16)
R6: SC on each st (16)
R7 : SC 8 only (8)

*sl, fasten off, leave long end for weaving

  • CONTAINER – Using cream crochet thread

R1 : MR 6 (6)
R2 : INC in each st around (12)
R3 : (SC 1, INC) repeat 4 times. Sl. (16)
R4 : Chain 1, SC in each stitch around working only in the back loops (16)
* Careful not to include the chain you’ve done when starting the row.
R5-13 : SC in each stitch around. (16)

*sl, fasten off, leave long end for sewing. Stuff firmly. Sew the container on to the nipple. Weave on end.

You can then sew it on the hands as if it’s holding the milk bottle.

*HAIR (optional)

  • Cut about 15 strands (add more strand if you want to add more hair) of 3-inches yarn. Attach the hair strands on to row 2 of the head.
  • How to attach the hair strand (check the photo below):
  • Insert a crochet hook through a stitch.
  • Pull one of the yarn stands (in the middle of the strand) partway through the stitch. Using your hook again or your finger, pull the tail ends of the yarn through the loop you just made and then tighten.
  • Attach more strands along row 2.
  • Using two of the hair strands, tie a knot (preferably from the back so the knot will not be obvious) to make a ponytail.
  • Using a strong, fine-toothed comb, comb the hair strands to make fine, soft strands.
  • Cut and style the hair.
  • You can then knot a ribbon on the hair to accessorize it.


There you have it, your own baby Koala! If you have any questions, just message me at [email protected]


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