My Works

Here are some of the Amigurumi Toys that I made:

Easter Bunny


The first amigurumi that I did when I arrived in the UK was this adorable bunny. I was able to get big balls of white yarn from a charity shop that I just had to look for a bunny pattern. This was my first time working with medium worsted yarn so I really enjoyed making my first big toy. I had been used to working with yarn thread back in the Philippines because they were just more commonly sold. Click here for the pattern.

Baby Fluffy Bunny


I found this pattern while joining a crochet group on facebook. I was just struck of how cute the baby rabbit was in the picture. Plus it’s for free, so why not. For the pattern, you have to download it from this site.

Adorable Frog Keychains


For this, I was able to buy DIY keychains from a supermarket. The materials were there plus the pattern. However, the pattern wasn’t really working for me so I had to make my own. I think this was the first time that I had to change almost all of the pattern. The pattern was poorly written and just wouldn’t turn out cute or as the way it would be in the cover.

I crocheted a skirt for the girl frog and glued a silk ribbon on the boy frog. Adding these tiny details just brings out the playfulness in these fluffy frogs. As for the pattern, I did not write it down so I’m afraid I cannot share it with you guys.


This cute unicorn I found in Etsy. I was looking for a stuffed toy to crochet for my niece’s security blanket. I was originally thinking of a bunny but bunnies are just overrated so I just used unicorn instead. The eyes are crocheted because I was thinking of selling this to eBay and I want it to be child-friendly as possible so I did not want to use safety eyes. Safety eyes are still small, ergo the possibility of choking. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

4-inch Teddy

I got this one for my husband, who was my boyfriend back then in 2015. I used yarn thread to make this one so it’s just 4 inches tall. It was the first time I did amigurumi again for a long time so I had a hard time making this amigurumi. It was like reorienting myself with crochet again. I remembered I keep doing the body parts again and again. And I wanted to make it as perfect as possible because, well, he’s my most special someone. I do not have a choice anyway since I cannot give him something else since I do not have any money.

As for the pattern, I do not remember where I got it. It’s been a long time.

Doll w/ the Owl’s blessing


I made this doll for my daughter. I was pregnant when I was making it. By the time the doll was finished, I realized I cannot give the doll to her even when she’s a year old or two considering how much time I spent making the doll’s hair. I used buttons for the eyes too so there’s some choking hazard. She’s 7 month’s old now. Speaking of hair, I can’t wait to use the synthetic hair instead of just using yarn. I want the doll to look more real so I think using the synthetic hair and embroidering the eyes would definitely level up the doll’s appearance. Click here from where I bought the pattern. If you will ever purchase the pattern, just a heads up, I sewed the dress differently because the dress was too short if you will just follow the pattern.

Rainbow Cat

Since I cannot give the doll I crocheted to my daughter, I decided to make her a cat stuff toy. I really wanted to give her something like a security toy, a toy she can hug when she goes to sleep at night. It’s just a simple fun design. It’s so easy to make that no matter what she’ll do with it, it’ll be okay since I know I can fix it. I found this pattern on Pinterest. Click here if you also want one for your own.

And I also made my first very own pattern, which I am going to share with you guys. I am into making tiny amigurumi and I just love koalas so for my first pattern it’s a Sleeping Baby Koala that you can use as a keychain. Click here and start making your own one.

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