Crochet woodland animals

Crochet Woodland Animals


Here are 10 forest animals crochet patterns that I found. They are all sooo adorable! The crochet bear and racoon are perfect cuddle buddies.

Some crochet animal patterns are easy to make. So if you’re a beginner and you’re looking for your first project, I recommend the owl amigurumi pattern below.

Go and check. If you want more, comment below. Happy crocheting!

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collection of crochet woodland animals

fox crochet

The Sleepy Fox Crochet

The fox is just one of the forest animals you just have to make an amigurumi doll. With their bright fur and mischievous personality, a must have for any collectors. For this sleeping fox, a height of 17 cm,  is quite adorable with its big head and ears.

Designer: Eserehtanin

crochet owl

Crochet Owl

She seems in a sleepy mood. Shh… Don’t disturb this cute amigurumi owl.

Yarn: Worsted-weight Yarn
Hook: 1.8mm Hook
Designer: Fukurou Crafts

crochet parrot

Parrot Amigurumi

This Crochet Parrot is staring at you with her beautiful eyes!

Designer: Ihr Lieben

racoon amigurumi

Racoon Amigurumi

The little guys look like flying squirrels because they actually want your hugs!

Yarn: Fine semi-cotton or Acrylic Yarn

Hook: 2.0mm hook

Designer: Amigurumi Today

koala amigurumi

Sleeping Baby Koala Amigurumi

Shhh! You might wake up these adorable darlings. Easy Koala crochet pattern in 3 inches tall, make it as a keychain for you and your friends.

Yarn: Stylecraft DK, #8 crochet thread

Hook: 2.5mm & 1.25mm

Designer: Adorable Tinies

easy owl amigurumi

Easy Owl Amigurumi

These tiny owls are so easy to make that you can make a rainbow set out of them. If you are a beginner, this a great amigurumi project to start on.

Yarn: Worsted weight yarn

Hook: G Hook/ 4mm
Designer: Khook Creations

Baby Sloth Amigurumi

Baby Sloth Amigurumi

Look at that adorable face with its big eyes looking at you! He needs lots of love so be sure to give a lot of cuddles!

Hook: Worsted weight yarn
Hook: 3.5mm Hook

Designer: Storyland Amis

Moose Crochet

Large Moose Amigurumi

Absolutely adorable! Both of them are so cute! Free crochet moose pattern, a good project for Christmas season.

Yarn: Red Heart Comfort Yarn

Hook: 5mm Hook

Designer: Sharon Ojala

graduation bear amigurumi

Graduation Teddy Crochet

Here is a great free amigurumi bear pattern to make as a gift to those special graduates in your life to commemorate their big milestone!

Yarn & Hook: Worsted weight yarn

Hook: 2.0mm Hook

Designer: Stephanie Lau

Amigurumi Bear

Amigurumi Bear

Perfect cozy crochet bear pattern to cuddle with. Crocheting only the back loops gives this amigurumi a unique and fresh look.

Yarn: Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky

Hook: 5.00mm Hook

Designer: Leelee Knits

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