Crochet woodland animals

Crochet Woodland Animals


Here are 10 forest animals crochet patterns that I found. They are all sooo adorable! The crochet bear and racoon are perfect cuddle buddies.

Some crochet animal patterns are easy to make. So if you’re a beginner and you’re looking for your first project, I recommend the owl amigurumi pattern below.

Go and check. If you want more, comment below. Happy crocheting!

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The Sleepy Fox Crochet

The fox is just one of the forest animals you just have to make an amigurumi doll. With their bright fur and mischievous personality, a must have for any collectors. For this sleeping fox, a height of 17 cm,  is quite adorable with its big head and ears.

Designer: Eserehtanin

Crochet Owl

She seems in a sleepy mood. Shh… Don’t disturb this cute amigurumi owl.

Yarn: Worsted-weight Yarn
Hook: 1.8mm Hook
Designer: Fukurou Crafts

Parrot Amigurumi

This Crochet Parrot is staring at you with her beautiful eyes!

Designer: Ihr Lieben

Racoon Amigurumi

The little guys look like flying squirrels because they actually want your hugs!

Yarn: Fine semi-cotton or Acrylic Yarn

Hook: 2.0mm hook

Designer: Amigurumi Today

Sleeping Baby Koala Amigurumi

Shhh! You might wake up these adorable darlings. Easy Koala crochet pattern in 3 inches tall, make it as a keychain for you and your friends.

Yarn: Stylecraft DK, #8 crochet thread
Hook: 2.5mm & 1.25mm
Designer: Adorable Tinies

Large Moose Amigurumi

Absolutely adorable! Both of them are so cute! Free crochet moose pattern, a good project for Christmas season.

Yarn: Red Heart Comfort Yarn
Hook: 5mm Hook
Designer: Sharon Ojala

Baby Sloth Amigurumi

Look at that adorable face with its big eyes looking at you! He needs lots of love so be sure to give a lot of cuddles!

Hook: Worsted weight yarn
Hook: 3.5mm Hook
Designer: Storyland Amis

Graduation Teddy Crochet

Here is a great free amigurumi bear pattern to make as a gift to those special graduates in your life to commemorate their big milestone!

Yarn & Hook: Worsted weight yarn
Hook: 2.0mm Hook
Designer: Stephanie Lau

Amigurumi Bear

Perfect cozy crochet bear pattern to cuddle with. Crocheting only the back loops gives this amigurumi a unique and fresh look.

Yarn: Paintbox Yarns Simply Chunky

Hook: 5.00mm Hook

Designer: Leelee Knits

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