Crochet dolls

Crochet Dolls

Here’s a collection of free amigurumi doll patterns from crocheters around the web. Aren’t they all so lovely?

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Molly Doll

She looks sweet with long straight hair, an excellent gift for little girls.

Yarn: Ice Yarn Baby Summer
Hook: 2mm Hook
Designer: amigurumitoday

Pearl Doll Amigurumi

Pearl Doll Amigurumi is inspired by a cartoon character, Pearl, in Steven Universe. I made it as 3 inches crochet toy doll so it can be used as a keychain but it can become a huggable doll easily if you will use a 4mm hook and worsted-weight yarn.

Yarn: Rico Essentials Crochet (cotton crochet thread)
Hook: 1.25 and 1mm Hook
Designer: Adorable Tinies

Ash of Evil Dead

Fully armed warrior Ash is ready. This is an amazing gift to your Ash Vs Evil Dead-loving friends and family. Just look at those tiny details. Using 2.5mm hook, this doll stands 8.5 inches.

Yarn: Sock-weight Yarn
Designer: Tales of Twisted Fibers

Little Girls

Sweet babies with & without Hijab! You can make a whole set of these adorable amigurumi dolls, maybe even representing different nationalities.

Yarn: Worsted weight Yarn
Hook: 2mm
Designer: Zan Merry

Cute Amanda

Cutie little dolly, she is a sweet treasure! This easy to make amigurumi doll is just something you want to start on if you’re a beginner. Just use a thicker yarn though.

Yarn: DMC Petra Crochet
Hook: 1.5mm Hook
Designer: Uljana Semikrasa


You cannot make dolls without trying to make a mermaid. This easy pattern is a must try. With its sweet and charming appearance, you can never go wrong.

Yarn: Fine acrylic
Hook: 2mm
Pattern: Amigurumitoday

Frida Kahlo

She is an icon of feminism, freedom, and struggle. Her existence will definitely impress you. Unfortunately, the pattern is not in English.

Designer: Descabdello


She is the most beautiful person and the gentlest soul ever loyal to a fault—that’s Cynthia for you!

Yarn: Sock-weight Yarn
Hook: 2.5mm
Designer: Tales of Twisted Fibers

Julie Doll

Little cute dolly has curly hairs, nice to have with! The body of this amigurumi doll is easy to make but you might just want to lengthen your patience on making each strand of that hair.

Yarn: DMC Petra Crochet Cotton 3
Hook: 1.5mm
Designer: Uljana Semikrasa


Little chubby doll with beautiful eyes! This is what I usually picture a little girl would look like when they go to school, wearing their matching shoes, dress, and ribbon on their hair. This amigurumi pattern is available on Ravelry.

Designer: Handmade by Ann

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