Crochet Safari Animals

Crochet Safari Animals

Here are the best free amigurumi patterns on safari animals.

collection of crochet safari animals

Bigfoot Crochet Lion Amigurumi

If there’s an animal toy you want to make, you should try this easy crochet lion pattern first. Lions are the king of the safari so it should be so cool if you can make one. A beginner should be able to crochet this in a breeze apart from the fur that will take some time to make. But if you decide not to make the fur, it will look like a crochet teddy instead. Two patterns in one.

Yarn: Worsted weight Yarn
Hook: 4mm Hook
Designer: AmigurumiToGo

The Hearty Giraffe Amigurumi

It is always mesmerizing to see a giraffe in the safari. They always come in herds and is thought to be calm and thoughtful. Why not make your little one this Hearty Giraffe crochet pattern to boost his imagination of life in the wild.

Yarn: Light-weight Yarn
Hook: 2mm Hook
Designer: AmigurumiToday

Thomas the Tiger Amigurumi

You won’t find any cooler crochet tiger pattern better than him! Fluffy, lovely, and definitely for free.

Yarn & Hook: Worsted-weight Yarn
Hook: 3.5mm Hook
Designer: Jess Huff

Zane the Zebra Crochet

This amigurumi zebra free pattern is so chic with its purple stripes. Zane is definitely one of the coolest gal in the safari hanging out with her bff hearty amigurumi giraffe. Both of them super loveee purple!

Yarn: Acrylic Yarn Weight 4
Hook: 3.5mm Hook
Designer: Jess Huff

Cuddle Me Amigurumi Hippo

Have you ever seen any dancing Hippo? Just look at her! This amigurumi Hippo free pattern is easy. Just add a tutu and it becomes so charming and elegant.

Yarn: Semi-cotton YarnArt
Hook: 2mm Hook
Designer: AmigurumiToday

Bigfoot Amigurumi Monkey

What’s a safari without monkeys? Be creative. Make a pack of these crochet monkey pattern with different expressions.

Yarn: Redheart Supersaver
Hook: 4.5mm Hook
Designer: Sharon Ojala

Jumping Jeff Crochet Kangaroo

I know that kangaroos can be quite aggressive but he is too cute that you’ll think twice whether you’ll get close to him or not!

Yarn: Lincraft DK 8 ply
Hook: 3mm Hook
Designer: Limo Crafts

Baby Giraffe Crochet

Who doesn't love baby animals? This adorable, little amigurumi giraffe toy is so adorable that you can't help but cuddle it. I'm sure it is not easy to resist crocheting this little guy.

Yarn: Wosted-weight Yarn
Hook: 4mm Hook
Designer: Amigurumi Today

Monkeyroo Amigurumi Monkey

This cute creature can take a corner of your bed. With its colorful design, any children would love to play with this cool crochet monkey. We're so lucky to have this monkey amigurumi free pattern available to us because I also want to make it for my son.

Yarn: Worsted-weight Yarn
Hook: 5mm or H hook
Designer: Crafty Begonia

Cuddle Me Amigurumi Elephant

A crochet elephant pattern with a beautiful garland will bring sparkles into any little girls' eyes. This crochet elephant will definitely be a lovely and darling present!

Yarn: Semi-cotton YarnArt
Hook: 2mm Hook
Designer: AmigurumiToday