Cartoon Characters

Check out these free patterns of your favorite cartoon characters! These are the top 10 for me based on their cuteness, details added, and the simplicity of their pattern.




You won’t understand how cute Squirtle can be. And that embroidered blush just completed the look.

Designer: Piapino’s


 Tiny Charmander

This pokemon doll has variety and so eye-catching with its fiery tail! Easy pattern aside from the tail but I’m sure beginners can still manage it.

Designer: amigurumipianosound


 Lalaloopsy Doll

This Lalaloopsy is loads of fun!

Hook & Yarn: Medium Weight, 3.5mm hook
Designer: Corina


 My Little Pony

This little tiny pony knows what friendship really means. Just tweak the pattern a bit and you can make your whole set of little ponies! The designer actually made the whole set. Whoever’s a fan must definitely get this pattern.

Hook & Yarn: Light Weight, 3mm hook
Designer: KnitOneAweSome


Cookie Monster 

Blue jolly Cookie Monster seems to have taken some cookies!

Hook & Yarn: DK, 3.5mm hook
Designer: Maggie



You would love this Elmo since he has a funny and lovely look.

Hook & Yarn: DK or Worsted Weight, 3.5mm hook
Designer: Maggie



Do you want to build a snowman?! Now you can! A free pattern for your own funny, adorable Olaf. The smile of this Olaf will certainly make any child’s day!

Hook & Yarn: Worsted Weight, 4mm
Designer: Frozen Crochet


Minion Soldier 

Do you love minions? Collect this free pattern of a minion soldier now. You can have it for yourself or give it to someone who’s a fan.

Designer: Sabrina Somers



Who’s a fan of Disgust? Oh, I am! With her hand on her waist, she looks really like the real deal.

Designer: Sabrina Somers


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Ninja turtles are ready for action all the time and yet they didn’t forget how to have fun! Get this free pattern with all its detailed accessories which making these amigurumi so worth it.

Yarn: Redheart Comfort Yarn
Hook: 2.5mm
Designer: AmidorableCrochet