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Here are the amigurumi patterns that I made. After years of following crochet patterns, I finally decided to try it myself. It was fun. I like the mathematical side to it, the increases and decreases in crochet stitches, which are needed to create a certain shape.

I had to frog a lot of times too, meaning I had to crochet over and over again a certain part, but I still enjoyed it. I think frogging is part of the joy of designing because it’s like feeling the challenge of solving a 1000-piece-jigsaw puzzle. It takes time but it’s so worth it and satisfying after slowly seeing the puzzle scene come together.

At first, as with all other designers, I started with an easy pattern, which is my koala crochet pattern. It was easy since it only needed basic shapes — not too many curves or complicated shapes.

Next was the Pearl Doll Amigurumi. I had a lot of firsts making this doll. I started embroidering the eyes and crocheting the doll’s hair. Unfortunately, I couldn’t share with you guys how I embroidered the eyes since I’m not confident with it myself. And now, I actually stay away from embroidery since making a little mistake will already make the doll looking weird.

After this was another amigurumi doll. And the rest was history.

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