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Crocheting has always been a passion of mine

About Me

My name is Jean

I used to crochet clothes or dresses but since I do not know how — there were too many kinds of stitches to learn from — I never got the chance. I would start and then stop when it came to the complicated stitches. No one in my family was able to teach me how too. Plus, YouTube wasn’t available back then for me to learn from just watching videos.

And then when I was in the University, a classmate of mine brought the cutest, tiniest stuffed animal I’ve ever seen and it was made by crochet! How cool was that! But since I was still busy finishing my degree, I did not have the time again to learn the craft.

Fortunately, I had my son — a little too early, I might add — a year after I finished University. I was a single mom, no job, I had to do something to at least buy for the things my son needed. That’s when I came up with the idea of selling amigurumis. The materials were cheap. It’s something I’m really interested in doing. There were already a lot of tutorials in YouTube to help me learn the basics. And so that’s how it started.

My first amigurumi was a red devil. The stitches were crocheted wrong. You would see lines in every row. In a layman’s eyes, it might seem that it’s part of the design when actually, the stitches were just done wrong. But I had fun learning. Even though I did the stitches incorrectly, it still looked pretty awesome to me. I felt really happy to finally make my very own adorable, stuffed toy. And now that I’m a little bit more experienced, I want to share my knowledge and my love of amigurumis to you guys. 🙂

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