Crochet is an interesting hobby where you do not need to spend lots of money on supplies to get started. You only need a hook, some good yarn or thread and an inexpensive pair of scissors! It is magical starting with one strand of yarn and using a hook to create an entire piece of project.

If you want to develop your skill in crochet, you might as well master all these basic crochet stitches.

  1. Chain stitch crochet

Chain stitch begins most projects in crochet. The group of stitches is utilized in three ways: *Starting chain; *Base chain; and *Foundation chain.

  1. Single stitch crochet

The hardest stitches to make are those found at the first row. Once you’ve learned the single crochet stitch, the chain stitch and the slip stitch, you are ready to start crocheting some projects. You can make: crochet necklace DIY; men’s crochet cap; simple crochet blanket; etc…

  1. Slip stitch crochet

This tiny stitch is shorter than one crochet and has more practical use than as decoration. The slip stitch is usually used to transfer yarn towards a stitches group without any addition or they are utilized to work jointly in rounds. There are other variations of slip stitch found in crochet tutorials.

  1. Half double crochet

You can rely on half double crochet stitch to build the basic single stitch of crochet stitch by adding one more step. You can use half double crochet in all different types of projects for it is one of the very useful stitches. Use half double crochet to make a crochet bag.

  1. Double crochet

All other basis stitches will combine well with this type of stitch. Crocheting grandmothers used this basic stitch to work on all those complicated hard stitches used in intricate filet crochet, classic square crochet, precise v-stitch crochet as well as all those other famous crochet patterns.

For those who love to crochet, this is truly your “must-learn” basic crochet stitch. By knowing how to do the double crochet stitches, you can produce all types of crochet items. This is your best option to add quickly to the height of your project.

  1. Triple crochet

One more step is taken to complete after a double crochet. Mastery of triple crochet stitches will help you learn to follow easily abbreviated directions to start a project. You can make vest, hooded vest, cardigan, afternoon wrap, wide brim hat and many others.

  1. Basic crochet stitches combination

Once you have acquired mastery of fundamentals of stitches in crochet, you will have the expertise to create different crochet product. Begin your productivity by creating new patterns by combining all those great crochet stitches.

You can learn all these basic techniques of crochet by following a crochet tutorial or an easy video lesson plan. Crochet is not only an interesting hobby but gives you the sense of accomplishment as well as increases your feeling of confidence due to your productivity. You can crochet all kinds of baby clothes, beach wear and unlimited products. Be sure to master all these basic stitches and you are on your way!

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